Hertz C I Terms & Conditions

  1. I, The Renter hereby agree to rent from the Owner the motor vehicle described hereon for the period and charges stated.
  2. I acknowledge receipt of the vehicle in sound roadworthy condition, complete in every respect, except for the particulars of damage described overleaf and I undertake to return it in similar condition on completion of the period of rental.
  3. I further undertake to return the vehicle to the Owner immediately should anything become defective, or the vehicle, wheels or tyres thereof sustain damage of any kind whilst in my custody.
  4. I shall not permit any other person to drive the vehicle.
  5. I shall not drive or permit the vehicle to drive on any beach or sand.
  6. I shall not carry any number of passengers in the vehicle in excess of the number stated hereon.
  7. In case of an accident to the vehicle, I will take the names and addresses of all witnesses and will convey such information to the owner immediately and further assist the owner in so far as any legal or insurance claim is resolved.
  8. I agree not to admit liability for any damage to property or injury to persons caused whilst the vehicle is in my custody.
  9. I understand that I am responsible for the full repair/replacement cost of the Hertz vehicle whilst it is on hire to me, regardless of how the damage was caused, unless waived by payment of the Collision Damage Waiver.
  10. I understand that Super Collision Damage Waiver does not cover damage to wheels and tyres or damage to vehicle interiors (cigarette burns etc.,) however such damage is caused. Wheel and tyre damage can be waived by payment of Wheel & Tyre Waiver.
  11. I understand that Hertz have a strictly no smoking policy, and should the car be returned with evidence/the smell of cigarettes / smoke, I agree to pay a valet charge of £50. Loss of keys during the rental period will result in a £50.00 replacement charge. On return vehicles should be free of any shortages/smoke and comply with the original equipment (this includes but is not limited to radio, spare wheels, wheel trims and keys.
  12. I understand that some rentals are subject to a specified excess regardless of payment of Collision Damage Waiver. This amount will be shown in the insurance excess box on the front of the rental agreement.
  13. I shall not carry passengers for hire or reward
  14. I undertake that neither I nor any authorised driver shall drive or be in charge of the vehicle with more than the legally prescribed limit of alcohol in the body, or whilst under the influence of any other substance likely to impair consciousness or ability to react.
  15. I absolve the owner for liability from any cause whatsoever and agree to return the vehicle not later that the time and date stated overleaf. If the vehicle is not returned by the stated time I agree to pay any extra sums due.
  16. I certify that:
    I have no physical defects.
    I have driven motor vehicles of the category regularly during the past twelve months as the holder of a current full licence.
    I have not had any proposal or policy declined or cancelled or renewal refused or special terms imposed by any Insurance Company, Association or Underwriters.
    I have not been convicted of any offence concerning the driving of motor vehicles.
    I have not had my driving licence endorsed or suspended at any time (unless detailed overleaf).
  17. I declare that I have stated my age correctly and that I am the holder of a valid driving licence authorising me to drive vehicles of the same type as the vehicle specified in the schedule hereto. I am conversant with traffic laws of Jersey and in particular, I understand the restriction of the speed limit and the restriction of the yellow line at road junctions.
  18. I declare that all the particulars in this contract are true and correct and that no facts have been omitted, misrepresented or misstated, or any information withheld, with which the insurers of the vehicle should be acquainted. I agree that this declaration shall also form the basis of the contract between the insurers of the vehicle and me although it is not to be read as an insurance certificate or cover note.
  19. I hereby acknowledge that I shall be liable in respect of any parking fines incurred during the course of hire.
  20. I agree that no refund will be allowed if this contract is broken by myself, or if the vehicle is returned before the time and date specified on the agreement, or if the vehicle becomes unusable for any reason not the owners direct responsibility and that in the event of such breach the owners shall at their discretion be entitled to retake possession of the motor vehicle without notice.
  21. I acknowledge that if I or any other person should be convicted of driving or being in charge of the vehicles whilst under the influence of drink or drugs, then I shall be liable for all loss or damage to the vehicle as well as for any loss or damage sustained by third parties.

Important Notices to all hirers

SPEED LIMIT: Maximum permitted speed 40m.p.h. (20m.p.h & 30m.p.h in certain areas) the Island on Jersey. At all times the speed of the vehicle must be regulated according to the traffic conditions prevailing at the time.

THE INSURANCE: is invalid if you let any other person drive the vehicle or if you take the vehicle on to any slipway, beach or sand.

Local motor traffic regulations must be obeyed if traffic is to circulate smoothly. A copy of the regulations may be obtained free of charge from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Department, La Collette, St. Helier, Jersey.

YELLOW LINES: Mark the junction of a minor road with a major road and traffic approaching a yellow line must slow down and if necessary stop to give absolute right of way to traffic proceeding along the major road.

STOP: Stop if you are involved in an accident, telephone the police immediately and do not move the vehicles until given permission; Inform vehicle owners at once. Take manes and addresses of all parties involved and of all available witnesses. POLICE TEL. NO: 612612.

TRAFFIC LIGHT: remember the amber light means “STOP”.


Useful things to know

AGE LIMIT: Minimum age limit of 21 years & Maximum age limit of 85 years – if the driver is over the age of 85 and has insurance in his/her own country then we will accept their licence.

CANCELLATIONS: We do not have a cancelation policy.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER: If others plan to drive the car, they must be present at time of rental to be added to the rental agreement, subject driver’s licence that has been held for at least 1 year. There will be a daily charge of £3.00 per day.

FUEL: all our cars are supplied with ½ a tank of fuel. The fuel is charged at local island rates and varies according to the type of vehicle and the length of rental. No need to re-fuel on return of the vehicle.

CREDIT CARD: A credit card from a major credit card company will be required for security when renting a car.

EXCESS: In the event of an accident an excess payment is required by the renter. You can waive this by purchasing this insurance when you collect your car.


Licence Fee. VED Fee of (£2.50 per day dependent on vehicle) not included in the rate unless stipulated.

GST. Goods and Service Tax of 5% will be added to your invoice when collecting the car.