Terms and Conditions


Customer Service 01534 636666

Monday–Friday: 08.30–17.30 (Saturday and Sunday open for advance bookings only).

24hr Emergency Roadside Assistance
If you have an accident call 01534 636666.
If you breakdown call 07797716411.

Please remember the maximum permitted speed in the Channel Islands is 40mph (15, 20 mph and 30 mph in certain areas).


This summary aims to help you understand what is included or excluded in your Rental Agreement and the options available to enhance your journey. Please ask our counter staff if you need further clarification.


We check the vehicle for damage before you drive away and record any variations on the Vehicle Condition Report. This helps to avoid damage disputes on return.

Insurance & Waivers

Read the Rental Agreement carefully to understand your obligations for use of the vehicle and be aware that your insurance and waivers may be void if you are in breach.


You might incur additional charges if you return the vehicle at a different time or place to that agreed with us or if it is in a particularly dirty or smelly condition. Smoking in the vehicle will incur an extra charge.



Third party insurance is included in your rate and protects you or any authorised driver against claims from any other person for death, injury or damage to property if you have an accident.


Your rental is provided with half a tank of fuel charged at local fuel prices. There is no obligation to return the vehicle with any specific amount of fuel remaining.

Damage Waivers

Most rates include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP). These limit your liability to us for damage to or loss of the vehicle to the excess amount stated on your Rental Agreement.

Breakdown Service

A basic breakdown service is included in your rental to cover call outs for mechanical faults and accidents.


There is no limit on distance covered during your rental.


  • You can add an additional driver with our agreement. We will need to see their driving licence and a charge will apply.
  • You can choose from our range of additional equipment and services, for example child seats and automatic transmission subject to availability.
  • We do not cover you for any parking fines, private parking charges, road tolls or traffic violations you incur on your trip. We will provide your details to the relevant authority for them to process the charges.


Your Rental Agreement is the document you sign when you pick up your vehicle which includes a summary of your rental (e.g. length, services taken and an estimate of charges to be paid). By signing, you indicate that these details are correct as well as your acceptance of these Rental Terms.

Please read the Rental Agreement carefully to understand your obligations in full.

The Rental Agreement is made with the Hertz company or franchisee named on it and all references to “Hertz”, “we”, “us” and “our” are to that company. Spellbound Holdings Limited trading as TrustFord is the Hertz franchisee in the Channel Islands.


Ours: We are responsible to you for providing the vehicle in good overall and operating condition and for replacing the vehicle in the event of breakdown. Our responsibility covers death or personal injury resulting from our acts or omissions. It does not extend to other losses arising from your rental unless they are a direct and foreseeable result of our negligence or breach of these Rental Terms. In this case our responsibility to you will not cover loss of profits or loss of opportunity.

Yours: You must care for, use and return the vehicle in accordance with this Rental Agreement. Please read the Rental Agreement carefully to understand your obligations in full. You are responsible to us if the vehicle is lost or damaged.


We aim to resolve all disputes amicably.

If we are unable to resolve a dispute, the law of the country where you signed the Rental Agreement will apply. Any part of this Rental Agreement which is held to be illegal or unenforceable under applicable law shall be considered to have been deleted, leaving the remainder in full force and effect.


When you rent with us, you consent to us processing your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy as set out at: https://www.hertzci.com/privacy-policy/


If your rental is for 28 days or longer you must return the vehicle to one of our rental locations at least every 28th day or at any time when requested by us. We reserve the right to terminate this Rental Agreement at any time by giving you 30 days’ notice either orally or in writing.


CHARGES (We do not accept cash payments)

Your Rental Agreement shows any rental charges at the start of the rental which are paid in advance of the rental. Any other charges that arise during the rental period ie damages will be paid on return of the Vehicle .


You are responsible for returning the vehicle in the condition we provided it in, subject to fair wear and tear. You will be responsible to us, to the extent allowed under applicable law, for any additional damage found on return.

Condition: It is important that you check the condition of the vehicle at the start of the rental and on return. We will provide a summary of any pre-existing damage on our Vehicle Condition Report. Please see Annex 2 (Damage Policy) to understand how we will process damage caused during your rental.

Care: You are responsible for looking after the vehicle and reducing the risk of breakdown and damage by complying with our Rental Restrictions (below). You must also make sure you use the correct fuel and check the tyres, oil and other fluid gauges.


Use: The vehicle belongs to us and you may not sub-rent, transfer or sell it. You may not use the vehicle:

  • To carry passengers for remuneration (e.g. as a taxi or car sharing arrangement or similar).
  • Off road or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle (including racetracks and beaches).
  • When it is overloaded with passengers and/or baggage.
  • To tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object (without our express permission).
  • To carry anything which may harm the vehicle (including explosive or combustible materials) or delay our ability to rent the vehicle again (because of its condition or smell).
  • To carry cargo for remuneration (except in the case of trucks and vans).
  • To take part in any race, rally or other contest.
  • In restricted areas, including airport service roads and associated areas.
  • In contravention of any traffic or other regulations.
  • For any illegal purpose.

Authorised drivers: Only the renter and any other person authorised by us may drive the vehicle, although they may not drive if they are over-tired or under the influence of any substance that may impair their consciousness or ability to react, such as alcohol, drugs or certain medication.


If you do not comply with these Rental Restrictions:

  • You will be responsible for any damage, losses and expenses we suffer as a result.
  • You may lose the benefit of any insurance or waivers of liability you have taken.
  • We may terminate the Rental Agreement and take the vehicle back at any time at your expense.



You are responsible for all fines, and other similar charges (including parking fines) incurred in relation to the vehicle during your rental. We may be required to provide your details to the relevant authority, who will contact you directly.


If you have an accident you agree to co-operate with us and our insurers in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings. You must also take the following steps:

You must inform the Hertz office in any event if there is damage to the vehicle, using the numbers above. Report the accident to the police as soon as you can if anyone has been injured or property has been damaged.

Complete the Accident Report Form (ARF) (available either in the vehicle or by request on return) and hand it to a member of staff. The ARF must be completed, signed and, where possible, agreed with any third party even if there is no damage to the vehicle.

Do Not Admit Fault: Take the name and address of everyone involved, including witnesses, and collect the information requested on the ARF.


If you experience any problem with the vehicle due to mechanical failure or accident you should call Emergency Roadside Assistance and they will arrange help. Although this service is included in your rate, you will be responsible to us for any breakdown call out costs we incur where you are at fault. Please note that you must not allow anyone to service or repair the vehicle without our permission.


Responsibility: You are responsible for all losses incurred by us to the full value of the vehicle if the vehicle is lost or damaged during your rental and our costs unless the loss or damage is

directly due to us or we have been reimbursed by a third party or their insurers. Third party insurance: If you have purchased excess waiver insurance or similar from a third party to cover your liability to us for the excess under our waiver products, you will remain liable to us for any amount due up to the excess and must seek reimbursement from your insurer.

Security: You are responsible for the security of the vehicle and should try to minimise the risk of theft or vandalism by parking in a safe place. Always remove valuable items from sight and make sure the vehicle is locked. You must also comply with our return instructions (see Return below).

Theft: If the vehicle is stolen you need to inform the police and contact our office as soon as you can and complete an ARF (see the Accident procedure above). You must be able to show that you have taken appropriate care by returning the keys to us.

Your liability to us may include (amongst others):

  • Cost of repairs - loss of rental income.
  • Towing and storage charges.
  • Loss in value of the vehicle.
  • An administration charge to recover our costs for dealing with these issues and any related claim.


You need to return the vehicle to the return location by the time stated on your Rental Agreement, or as otherwise agreed with us, or additional charges may apply see below).

Late return: Your rental charges are calculated in 24 hour periods from the time shown on the Rental Agreement. If you return the vehicle late you enter into a new 24 hour period and will be charged for that and every successive 24 hour period you enter before return at a current, standard rate.

To help you, we typically allow a short ‘grace period’ of 1 hour to return the vehicle without being charged an extra day.

Notification: We will check the vehicle on your return and add any additional charges arising from your use of the vehicle, such as for vehicle condition/ damage and late return, to your invoice. Please see Annex 1 (Charges Explained) for a detailed list of potential charges.

Invoice and payment: We will provide a Rental Agreement at the time you commence your rental. Some charges can’t be finally determined on return, such as for major damage or any fines we receive relating to your rental. We will notify you of any such charges and arrange for payment when these are identified.

Outside Operating Hours: You may return the vehicle outside location opening hours with our prior agreement, in which case you must:

  • Parking: lock the vehicle and park in our car park or, if unavailable, a secure place nearby.
  • Information: complete the Return Details on the back of this Rental Terms booklet and leave it in the vehicle with any other documents (such as an Accident Report Form).
  • Keys: do not give the keys to anybody when you park the vehicle, even if they appear to be our employee, but post them with clear instructions where to find the vehicle through the location's key box.

If you return the vehicle out of hours you will remain fully responsible for the vehicle, including any damage, until we are able to locate it.



Your Rental Agreement provides an estimate of the charges applicable to your rental. These charges may typically include the following:

Rental Rate: The agreed rental rate is shown as a per week or per day amount, includes third party insurance and may include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP).

Additional Driver: We apply a standard fee for each additional driver added to your rental to cover our additional insurance costs.

Insurance & Waiver Options: The Rental Agreement will show if our insurance and waiver options have been accepted or declined by you or are otherwise included in your rate. We also show the excess applicable to Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) and the full charge for the agreed rental period, inclusive of tax.

Optional equipment: The Rental Agreement lists any optional equipment you have selected, such as baby/ child seats, showing the full charge for the agreed rental period. Inclusive of tax.


You may incur additional charges as a result of your use of the vehicle or other incidents that occur during the rental. These include the following:

Damage/Loss Charges: Apply if the vehicle is lost or damaged either

(i) if you have not purchased our waiver products (e.g. CDW & TP), to the full value of the vehicle, or (ii) if you have taken our waivers to the excess amount.

Damage Administration: Fixed charge to recover our costs for dealing with damage caused to the vehicle.

Extra Cleaning Charge: Applies if you return the vehicle needing more than our standard cleaning to make it ready for its next rental.

Smoking Charge: Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles. This covers our costs of preparing the vehicle for the next rental.


Traffic Fines and Penalties: You are responsible for paying the full penalty for any parking fine or charge, traffic fine or other penalty you incur during your rental.


Late Return Charge: You may be charged an extra day’s rental for each 24 hour period entered into following the return time at then current rental rates, although you are allowed a ‘grace period’ of 1 hour to return the vehicle after the agreed return time.

Additional Rental Days: In addition to charging Additional Rental Days for late return, we reserve the right to make this charge

to compensate us in part for the costs we incur in finding an alternative vehicle to satisfy our next booking for your vehicle plus our administration costs in contacting you to return the vehicle.

All charges are calculated in accordance with our current rates and subject to final calculation at the end of the rental. Please ask at the counter for details.


Your responsibility for damage to the vehicle is set out at the Damage and Theft section of the Rental Terms. This policy covers how we assess and charge for damage and how we deal with any disputes relating to damage assessed.


We will provide a summary of any damage on the Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) at the start of the rental. Please check to make sure

it is correct. We will also inspect the vehicle on your return and provide a VCR to record any new damage, which will not include any fair wear and tear.

Fair wear and tear: This means “ordinary wear due to reasonable use” and includes minor scratches and chips, small dents and normal wear on tyre treads and wiper blades.

Hidden Damage: Some damage will not be apparent on post-rental inspection, such as damage caused to inaccessible parts of the vehicle (e.g. the engine, fuel tank or clutch) or hidden by adverse light or weather conditions. If we find any such damage we will notify you, with evidence, before we charge you.


We aim to deal with damage in a quick and practical way by using our damage repair matrix. This contains the average cost of

repairing the most common and minor damage based on the costs of body repair shops for parts and labour.

We will provide evidence of any damage charge we make, which should include (i) the Rental Agreement number, date and return location, (ii) a damage appraisal from a repair body shop and/ or the invoice for the repairs, and (iii) a signed VCR, any Accident Report Form, photographs of the damage in situ and of the odometer.


  1. If you dispute a damage charge we will send full information, including any arguments and supporting evidence you provide, to our Collections Department, who will re-evaluate the case. If they agree with you, no charge will be made or you will be refunded in whole or in part. If they do not agree, they will proceed to collect the sum invoiced.
  2. If you are not satisfied with our assessment, you can contact our Customer Relations Department, who will review the matter in full, refunding you as appropriate if they disagree with any charge made. They aim to deal with all customer contacts within 14 days.
  3. If we are still unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction we will refer you, where possible, to an independent adjudicator, whose decision will be binding on us.


When you rent with us, you consent to us processing your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. https://www.hertzci.com/privacy-policy/

We need to collect and store personal information about you to provide the services you request.

The key points are as follows:


When you rent with us, you consent to us processing your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In particular, you consent to us using your personal information for our legitimate interests, including statistical analysis, credit control and protection of our assets. This may include disclosing your personal information to insurers and other organisations to assist in recovery procedures and counter fraudulent claims.

Please note that we track the location of certain vehicles via GPS technology for security reasons and may retain such information as necessary for those purposes.


We will only use your personal information for marketing purposes with your consent (where you have been given the opportunity to decline).


You have the right to access, correct and/or request deletion of the personal information we hold about you – see our Privacy Policy for details.


Customer's own insurance:

If, with our prior consent, you provide your own insurance to cover third party claims you will remain responsible to us for any third party liability we incur arising from your rental until it is paid by your insurer..

Driving licence

You are not able to rent if you or any additional driver have any endorsements or convictions for dangerous driving, drink driving or unauthorised taking of a vehicle in the last 5 years or your driving licence is invalid.

Age Limit: minimum age limit of 21 years and max age limit of 85 years. If the driver is over the age of 85 and has insurance in their own country we will accept their licence.



Important Notices to all hirers

SPEED LIMIT: Maximum permitted speed 40m.p.h. (20m.p.h & 30m.p.h in certain areas) the Island on Jersey. At all times the speed of the vehicle must be regulated according to the traffic conditions prevailing at the time.

THE INSURANCE: is invalid if you let any other person drive the vehicle or if you take the vehicle on to any slipway, beach or sand.

Local motor traffic regulations must be obeyed if traffic is to circulate smoothly. A copy of the regulations may be obtained free of charge from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Department, La Collette, St. Helier, Jersey.

YELLOW LINES: Mark the junction of a minor road with a major road and traffic approaching a yellow line must slow down and if necessary stop to give absolute right of way to traffic proceeding along the major road.

STOP: Stop if you are involved in an accident, telephone the police immediately and do not move the vehicles until given permission; Inform vehicle owners at once. Take manes and addresses of all parties involved and of all available witnesses. POLICE TEL. NO: 612612.

TRAFFIC LIGHT: remember the amber light means “STOP”.


Useful things to know

AGE LIMIT: Minimum age limit of 21 years & Maximum age limit of 85 years – if the driver is over the age of 85 and has insurance in his/her own country then we will accept their licence.

CANCELLATIONS: We do not have a cancelation policy.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER: If others plan to drive the car, they must be present at time of rental to be added to the rental agreement, subject driver’s licence that has been held for at least 1 year. There will be a daily charge of £3.00 per day.

FUEL: all our cars are supplied with ½ a tank of fuel. The fuel is charged at local island rates and varies according to the type of vehicle and the length of rental. No need to re-fuel on return of the vehicle.

CREDIT CARD: A credit card from a major credit card company will be required for security when renting a car.

EXCESS: In the event of an accident an excess payment is required by the renter. You can waive this by purchasing this insurance when you collect your car.


Licence Fee. VED Fee of (£2.50 per day dependent on vehicle) not included in the rate unless stipulated.

GST. Goods and Service Tax of 5% will be added to your invoice when collecting the car.